I’m an information security professional living and working in New England, and after many years of work-related non-fiction writing I’ve decided to explore the creative, unstructured, and remarkably adjective-rich world of fiction.


DEF CON for N00bs

A gentle introduction to (the wonder and the chaos of) DEF CON



This story takes a lighthearted approach to a serious topic – authoritarian governments using technology to spy on and repress their citizens, and how motivated people can fight back.

Good Fellows

In which Marcus and 8bit hack into HVAC systems, but for very different reasons. They disagree, and their argument manages to include Joe Pesci, the Ten Commandments, and Dungeons & Dragons.

The Best In The East!

In which our teenage protagonist finds himself on an adventure which he’s not quite sure about, and has to choose his pathway. [Note: Mature theme]

An Open Door

Whereupon we get introduced to our main characters, reflect upon the ease by which skids could cause trouble, and ruminate on the morality of ethically motivated gray-hat hacking.

Tone DEF: a DEF CON Love Story

In which a DEF CON N00b , Max, tries to be more extroverted while attending a Skytalks session. Drama ensues.